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Wow, what a night we had. Went out to find some tapas and we noticed the street we were walking on was closed and people were lining up on the street. We thought there must be some type of parade. So we started guessing what it could be for as there we a number of people dressed up as devils and then parents were putting bandanas over their children's mouths and goggles over there eyes. We weren't sure what was happening. Next thing we know there is someone coming down the street lighting off fireworks and gigantic sparklers. There is smoke every where and the sparklers were flying. We have pictures that I will post later. It was very cool. It was all part of La Merce the city's largest traditional festival.

Lots of touring to day. The goal is to see the Museu Picasso, Sagrada Familia, Park Guell & Fundacion Joan Miro. We stayed out pretty late last night and are starting off pretty late today so we will see how far we get.

Here are a couple pictures.

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Saturday, September 25

sunny 72 °F

We arrived in Spain as planned and found the bus with little issue. The flight was uneventful and I got about 3 hours of sleep while Troy had about 20 minutes of sleep. When we got to the hotel we stored our bags and headed out. First stop, a cafe for some espresso & a sandwich. We then spent the next 4 hours wondering around Barcelona. We waked down the La Ramblas which is essentially a large street for tourists. Many street performers and lots of touristy things to buy. Along the way we stopped at the large market (La Boqueria) that is where the picture was taken. Outstanding selection of meats, fresh produce, fresh fish & seafood (all with their heads still on). Next we headed down to the wharf and looked at the boats. On the way back we saw a wine tasting in progress and believe it or not we didn't stop. Just too tired and new we wouldn't appreciate the wine. Next up was walking down Rda. De Sant Pere and several side streets where there were many shops. Everywhere we turned we saw stages being set up in the streets so hopefully we will hear some good music tonight!

Back to our hotel where Troy took a quick nap and now we are headed out for the evening. Sorry the picture is sideways. I get an error every time I try and change it,


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On our way

We are sitting here in Milwaukee waiting to take off to Atlanta. From Atlanta we go to Barcelonia and are scheduled to arrive at 8:55 am Saturday. No plans for Saturday. I think we will just walk around town and try to stay up as late as possible to help with the Tim change.

Goal for the next entry is Saturday night where I will hopefully have something interesting to say and maybe some pictures to share.

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My First Entry

Still in Wisconsin

Well I thought I would try this blog thing out while I was still at home (which means this is Dawn typing because Troy is not at home). Nothing exciting trip wise. Trying to figure out what is left to do before we leave. I set up the GPS that Randy and Charlotte so kindly borrowed to us. I now have all of the hotels we are staying at in Spain entered. Next assignment (after if figure out the blog thing which seems very easy, but I still need to figure out how to post pictures) is to make sure I update ReeNee's instructions for the dogs along with hiding the raw hides so she doesn't over indulge them.

So you should get daily updates along the way, but no promise of pictures at this point. Although I may have figured this out!


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